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This service consists of a technical report based on a thorough inspection of the vessel, equipment or parts.
The information generated is very important for anyone who has the intention of purchasing a vessel, equipment or pieze because the condition the item is in, can be known before the purchase takes place.
The inspections scope will depend on two factors:

s The instructions given by you.
ss What the seller allows us to see.

The service ATN offers in this area is complete, independent, objective, and is designed to satisfy the buyerís need. Nonetheless, you can add specific instructions, which will be looked at by our inspectors.
Our standard report (for vessels) covers the following:

General and descriptive information, measurements, capacities, tonnages, inspection findings, necessary certificates and documents, the propulsionís motorís condition (maintenance specification and information), condition of the auxiliary engines, electric equipment, boilers, propellers, tailshafts, steering gear, reduction gears, clutches, treatment plants, separators, purifiers, discharge monitors, heaters, compressors, air bottles, air conditioners, lockers, spare parts, ship seachests and discharges,  transverse propellers, pumps and pipes. It will also include the consumption to different situations, latest loads, tank coating conditions, storage areas, deck, engine room, arrangements, deck equipment, mooring equipment, safety equipment, fire-fighting equipment, thickness measurement reports, etc.

As is ATNíS habit, image is one of the most important parts of our reports. Each important element is photographed and included in its corresponding section inside the report.
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