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ATN Marine Have Extensive Experience And Contacts In Various Industries
Huge opportunities are present in China market for foreign companies looking to lower cost and improve bottom line. Large market size, low cost manufacturing capability and abundant resources has made China as one of the most attracting markets in the world.

However, the challenges to market entry are also formidable. High context culture, different business practices, and special business environment has made many western companies failed in the market.
Some just tried and left due to lack of contacts and local support; some suffered great losses due to lack of knowledge of China market or choosing the wrong suppliers/ partners.

We, ATN, a local company run by foreign people with intensive experience and contacts in various industries in China market, specializes in helping foreign companies source Chinese products and enter China market.
We also have experience in regulations, laws, taxes, foreign exchange control, customs, transportations, inspections, and other related commercial areas. What's more, we even offer effective and practical business solutions to our clients and help them accomplish business objective in China market.© 2008  | Copyright 
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